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Congratulations on International Day of Neutrality!

Our independent neutral state is providing all conditions conducive to physical activity and sports to citizens of our country, particularly the younger generation. In the epoch of might and happiness, our athletes have every opportunity to improve their skills, gain experience, practice different sports at stadiums, sports grounds, swimming pools, courts and sports centres that meet international standards.

The foreign and domestic policy dictated by independence and permanent neutrality and the open door policy pursued by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov enable Turkmenistan to take ambitious actions to improve the people’s welfare, including construction of sports facilities, organisation of national tournaments and performance at competitions abroad.

We, sports journalists of our country, will seek to tell the readers about the sports life of Turkmenistan, national championships and international tournaments, sporting achievements and records of Turkmen athletes in Turkmenistan Sport International Journal and on the official website of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Policy of Turkmenistan.

Today, the sports world of Turkmenistan is living in expectation of the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. We wish new sporting achievements at this global sport forum, youth and peace to our athletes; together with all citizens of Turkmenistan, we are living in hope that the sacred flag of our Motherland will be raised on the flagpole many times.