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Junior rhythmic gymnastics tournament was held in Ashgabat

On December 1, a junior qualification tournament in rhythmic gymnastics was held in the Olympic Park of the Turkmen capital, where young athletes were assigned sports categories.

– The main goal of such tournaments is to select promising athletes for further development of rhythmic gymnastics in Turkmenistan, coach Elena Kustimova says. – We are training many promising children who have prerequisites for becoming sport stars in the future. And the basic condition to achieve this goal is to work diligently and improve continuously.

Qualification competitions in rhythmic gymnastics are held twice a year in order to regularly reach standards, taking into account the age category of athletes. The juniors who score the best result will be selected for a group of candidates for the rhythmic gymnastics team of Turkmenistan.

– We are trying to do everything so that rhythmic gymnastics in Turkmenistan develops in a progressive manner, head coach Fiza Aivazova says. – Just few days ago we came from Dashoguz city, where the Rhythmic Gymnastics Cup of Turkmenistan was held for the first time in the history of this sport in the country. Competitions ran at a high level, identifying a number of new promising gymnasts.

Rhythmic gymnastics is deservedly considered to be the most beautiful and elegant sport. Many people with good reason believe that it is in this sport where the exercises system aimed at the development of all muscle groups is maximally used.

Flexibility, coordination of movements, physical endurance, the ability, as they say, to withstand the strikes of misfortune, strengthen the will for achieving one’s goal. All this forms a child as a personality.

Athletes who have been exercising gymnastics since childhood are fit, have a graceful posture and a beautiful shape. They are physically strong and psychologically ready to overcome difficulties that may arise in the future on their life path.

Particular emphasis should be made on the beautiful appearance of young gymnasts. They have splendid costumes, neat and strict hairstyles. Each performer, together with her father and mother, selected for her sporting programme an outfit characterizing the overall performance concept.

… The popularization and development of this sport in Turkmenistan are gaining in scope. City and regional competitions in rhythmic gymnastics are held on a regular basis.

On December 10, Ashgabat will host the Open Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship of Turkmenistan.

The competition organizers and participants are looking forward to seeing you in the spectator stands of the magnificent Olympic Park.