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Tennis classes will be introduced in Turkmen schools  

The Turkmenistan Lawn Tennis Cup Competitions were held in Ashgabat. The championship determined the most talented tennis players of different age categories, who will soon represent the country at international tournaments.

Among boys Yuri Rogussky, Atly Kurbanov, Meylis Orazmuhammedov showed the best results in singles, among girls – Guljan Muhammetgulyeva, Bahar Toimuradova and Arzuw Klycheva. Anastasia Azimbaeva, Sulgun Hemraeva, Kurbanberdy Kurbanberdyev, Kakajan Bayramgeldiev could also distinguish themselves by doubles.

In parallel with the First League Tournament, the Federation organized competitions of the Second League for beginners.

– Such tournaments are needed to popularize tennis in Turkmenistan. I can say that the number of people willing to take part increases every time. Only last time there were 170 people, – tells the representative of Federation Igor Zubkov.

He also spoke about new projects that would be implemented by the Tennis Federation together with the Ministry of Sports and Youth Policy, as well as the Ministry of Education for the development of this sport in Turkmenistan. In particular, it is planned to introduce tennis classes in secondary schools of the country.

– First, I will conduct demonstration lessons at school and introduce the methods of teaching tennis to children. Further, the Federation will allocate inventory to educational institutions for such classes. Then physical education teachers will be able to teach children tennis, – added Igor Zubkov.

The Federation will also award certificates to physical education teachers. Last year, open lessons had been already held at schools of Ashgabat, where children were put up to tennis, and programs for rapid training in this sport were presented. The next step is to embrace the regions with similar actions.