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Russian coach in Ashgabat

A number of the world-known foreign specialists have arrived in our capital to increase the level of the skills of the Turkmen athletes in different sports during recent years. They held the training sessions and shared experience with representatives of our national teams.

The world-known Russian ice hockey specialist Sergei Nemchinov has visited our capital recently. He held the training sessions and shared experience with the players of our national ice hockey team in the Galkan Winter Sports Centre at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Turkmenistan.

‘I am happy to visit Turkmenistan and to work with the Turkmen athletes. For several years, I have had a dream to come to Ashgabat and to meet the athletes who do winter sports, in particular, ice hockey.

Turkmenistan pays special attention to development of physical culture and sports. I confirmed that fact after coming to Ashgabat. The state-of-the-art complexes were built thanks to the Turkmen leader. Excellent conditions for doing any sport were created there. I can say it for sure, having visited the Galkan Winter Sports Complex. During the training sessions in the Complex, I explained the basics of defensive tactics, pressure to the puck carrier and advancing the puck towards the opponent's zone.

The Turkmen ice hockey players have demonstrated their skills at the international events. For example, they successfully performed at the 2019 IIHF World Championship Division III, which took place in Sofia (Bulgaria) on April 22 – 28. I hope that the Turkmen team will reach the IIHF World Championship Division II. Taking an opportunity, I want to express sincere gratitude to the Turkmen side for the chance to come to Ashgabat and hold the training sessions with the Turkmen ice hockey players,’ – Sergei Nemchinov noted in the interview.

As is known, Turkmenistan and the Russian Federation signed the Agreement on Mutual Cooperation at the International Ice Hockey Federation Council, which took place in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2018. According to the document, the experienced Russian specialists come to our country, hold the training sessions and exchange experience with our ice hockey players on a regular basis. This makes a great contribution to strengthening of friendly relations between the countries through sports, which became an ambassador of peace thanks to the policy of the President of Turkmenistan.

To date, Turkmenistan has enhanced the prestige in the world of sports. The Turkmen leader created perfect conditions for our athletes, who participate in the development of sports, and noted: ‘Physical culture, sports and healthy lifestyle should become an immutable principle for the Turkmen people’. Our athletes understand that the state supports them, and demonstrate their best skills at each event. The results, achieved by our compatriots at the international tournaments on the first days in the first month of autumn, provide evidence of that fact.

We express sincere gratitude to the President of Turkmenistan for wide opportunities created for our athletes to hold the training sessions and exchange experience with the world-known specialists.

«Türkmen sporty» Newspaper (14.09.2019)