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First Caspian Economic Forum

Over a number of years, the Turkmen seashore of the Caspian Sea, known as Avaza – the Land of Friendship, has been opening the doors of trust and friendship and international cooperation. The First Caspian Economic Forum, which had started off there, attracted the attention of the world community.

On August 11, the Turkmen Steppe-2019 Exhibition of Innovation and Technology was arranged in the frames of the First Caspian Economic Forum on the territory of the Turkmenbashi International Seaport. The exhibition featured the achievements of foreign and Turkmen companies on an area of ​​13,700 square metres. It provided ample opportunities to promote cooperation with foreign companies and learn about their accomplishments and advanced technologies. It was the first time that the Ashgabat City project as well as the achievements of Turkmen scientists in the field of robotics were presented to the public.

The First Caspian Economic Forum, which took place at the Congress Centre in the Avaza national tourism zone on August 12, produced a wide response. The economic forum, initiated by the President of Turkmenistan, was attended by the heads of government of the Caspian states. This large-scale international event is an important and productive step towards strengthening and intensifying cooperation among the littoral states and many interested partners. 57 contracts and agreements on cooperation were signed in such areas as information technology, investment partnerships, trade, economic and financial activities, diplomacy, transport, electricity, water management, agriculture and sports, among many other sectors during the forum.

The historic speech of the highly esteemed President at the First Caspian Economic Forum aroused great interest among the world community. The leader of the nation emphasised that the forum became an event of tremendous importance from the economic and environmental points of views for many countries in the region. Another remarkable event is an ecology lesson for 3,000 people, organised by the Government of Turkmenistan in Turkmenbashi on August 8. This event entered the Guinness World Records as the largest ecology lesson. This fact illustrates great significance attached to environmental issues in our country.

The concert that brought together popular singers and artists from foreign countries and Turkmenistan on the vast expanse of grey Hazar on August 12 sounded as a melody of peace, friendship and fraternity. The First Caspian Economic Forum, which was held successfully and fruitfully, become an important milestone on the path towards enhancing and promoting economic relations as well as strengthening and intensifying international cooperation.