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Last chance

It happens that the “milky way” of the stars ends. When it comes to the stars in these days of the World Cup filled with football, Ronaldo and Messi are the first to appear.

The world media vied with each other to inform that Ronaldo and Messi, performing at the World Cup for the 5th time, are passing the last and most important exam in their sports career. This circumstance sounds like the revelation of the “Captain of Obviousness”, however, what the sports community is vigorously discussing about, sometimes comes true. The first part of this plot is that Messi has a real chance to gain the achievement of Maradona and lift the World Cup over his head. But the result of the first game plunges into despondency (Argentina - Saudi Arabia 1-2).

But Ronaldo is a little more confusing. Even before the first game at the World Cup, he terminated all relations with his club Manchester United. Now the football star has only one way left – to show heroism at the current World Cup and prove to everyone that he is still capable of much. Usually, three roads lie in front of the heroes in fairy tales, and they need to choose one of them. But Ronaldo is not a fairy tale character, and we do not live in magical illusions.

We should note that the Portuguese has no agreements even with his first club Sporting, and this position puts the star “one on one” with a transparent reality. Therefore, after Qatar, he will probably move to a highly paid league (for example, Saudi Arabia), or, as a star who has proven his professional viability, he will once again be able to realize himself in one of the top clubs. Well, as always, time will tell.

Hojaberdy Apbaev,

A journalist