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Awarding winners in Avaza

 On August 3, 2022, a solemn ceremony in honour of the participants of the Silk Way Rally-Raid 2022 and the members of the national team who performed at the Youth and Junior Asian Weightlifting Championships took place in the Avaza national tourism zone.

Sport is an important component of international cooperation, which contributes to building an atmosphere of friendship, mutual trust and understanding among nations. In his address to the athletes who have shown excellent sports results, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov said, «We will turn our country into a venue for international competitions, championships and the Olympic Games.»

One of the major competitions, which the Turkmen athletes performed at, was the Astrakhan-Moscow Rally-Raid that took place on July 6-16. The route ran through the Russian cities of Grozny, Elista, Volgograd and Voronezh and finished in Moscow.

After the Rally Raid had concluded, the good news came to Ashgabat that the Turkmen crews had won a confident victory and occupied the podium in the T2 SUV category. The crew of the Federation of Motor Sports of Turkmenistan led by Merdan Toylyev took first place. The crew of Shamyrat Gurbanov took second place and won silver medals, and the crew of the pilot Maksatmyrat Danatarov ranked third.

Another good news came from Tashkent. It hosted the Youth and Junior Asian Weightlifting Championships on July 15-25. More than 260 athletes from 21 countries competed in the championships. The Turkmen weightlifters showed excellent result and won 20 medals.

  The award ceremony and congratulations of the winners was held at a high organisational level. The heads of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Policy and the National Olympic Committee attended the ceremony. In conclusion, the ceremony participants adopted an Address to the President of Turkmenistan.