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Turkmen sambo wrestlers win 22 medals at Asian Championships

The national team of Turkmenistan has achieved outstanding results at the Asian Sambo Championships (M&W, Combat Sambo) in Jounieh, the Republic of Lebanon. Our compatriots won 22 medals in total (3 gold, 5 silver, and 14 bronze medals).

Rustam Annamuhammedov, a 9-grader at the Ashgabat secondary school 99, competed in the 98-kilogramme junior sambo event on the first day of the tournament and became the champion of Asia. Veronica Rus (54 kg) and Sabina Agajanova (+80 kg) won silver medals in the women combat sambo events. Angelina Filippova (59 kg) and Seydulla Akmammedov (64 kg), who competed in the junior combat sambo event, earned bronze medals.

All the medals of the second day of the Championships were won in the combat sambo. Babajan Ivadullaev, an employee of the State Border Service of Turkmenistan, became the champion of Asia in the +98-kilogramme weight class event. Meylis Niyazmengliyev (64 kg), Muhammetnyyaz Gurbandurdyev (71 kg), Rustem Penjiyev (79 kg) and Charymyrat Annagurbanov (98 kg) won bronze medals.

The medals of the final day of the tournament were earned in sambo. Guvanch Begaliyev, a coach at the Dovletli Etrap sports school 5 of the Main Department on Sports and Youth Policy of Lebap Velayat, competed in the 98-kilogramme weight class event and became the champion of Asia. Begench Baltaev (79 kg), Dinara Ivadullaeva (50 kg) and Rano Uzakova (72 kg) finished their performances at the Asian Championships with silver medals. Muhammetmyrat Babekov (58 kg), Muhammet Kossekov (64 kg), Kakageldi Yegenbaev (71 kg), Nedir Allaberdiyev (88 kg), Madina Aydogdyeva (59 kg), Dinara Hallyeva (65 kg), Faride Mammedova (80 kg), and Maksuda Egemberdiyeva (+80 kg) won bronze medals of the Asian Championships.

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