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Facts about cycling

As is known, there are a lot of cycling fans. They even created their International Union that gave out a more or less exact figure – more than one and a half billion people on the globe.  Obviously, this vehicle is an indispensable attribute of modern civilization. The interest in it is therefore natural. 

Bicycle is one of the most efficient technology drivers. This is especially evident from the historical retrospective. An improvement in bicycle technology led to the emergence of a new colouring techniques, which was then adopted by other branches of engineering, including the automotive industry.

Talking about bicycles, we cannot but mention the environment. Here you have the fight against global warming and the reduction of ozone layer depletion and the burden on the environment. Mass use of bicycles has no negative impact on biological diversity. All this leads to the popularization of cycling at the state level. This is manifested, for example, in the construction of bike paths and other infrastructure facilities.

China is the nation with the most bicycles per capita. There, everything is put at the service of the “cycling lifestyle”, even modern technology. The ratio of bicycles to cars is amazing – 300:1.

Ordinary records are often broken. But 2 cycling records remain unbroken to this day. American Michael Seacrest managed to drive 1,958 kilometres in one day. Danish Fred Rompelberg reached a speed of 268.83 km / h. At that time he was 50 years old.