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Goalkeeper throws the ball in a match and goes down in history of football

A goalkeeper of the Iran national team and Boavista FC Alireza Beiranvand has set a Guinness world record for longest hand throw.

Beiranvand threw the ball a record distance of 61.26 metres. He did it in October 2016. It took 5 years for the achievement to be officially recognized.

Beiranwands long throw across 75% of the field brought a forward Wahid Amiri one on one with the South Korean goalkeeper. Unfortunately, Alirezas pass was not an assist. Amiri shot wide of the gate.

Alireza grew up in a family of nomads and herded sheep. The father was against his son playing football. Beiranvand has made his dream come true, having gone against his father’s will.

The Iranian goalkeeper went down in history of world football, though the recognition had to wait for 5 long years.