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«Altyn Asyr» is a seven-time winner of the Super Cup of Turkmenistan on football

The footballers of the capital «Altyn Asyr» won the Super Cup of Turkmenistan. The team of «Turkmenaragatnashyk» agency achieved this success, having won the decisive match against Ashgabat «Kopetdag» - 2: 0.

The Super Cup established by the Football Federation of Turkmenistan has been played between the champion and the winner of the country's Cup since 2005. Last year, Altyn Asyr won the championship and the Cup of Turkmenistan. Therefore, in the fight for the third most important club trophy, he had to play with the finalist of the 2020 Turkmenistan Cup - Kopetdag.

In 2019, both teams have already met each other in the fight for the Super Cup of Turkmenistan. Then the victory with a score of 2: 0 was won by «Altyn Asyr».

The match between the champion and finalist of the 2020 Turkmenistan Cup was held at the central arena of the Ashgabat multifunctional stadium. The first half did not bring success to either team.

After the break, in the 53rd minute, the footballers of «Altyn Asyr» on the left flank of the attack earned the right to a free kick. The captain of the team, Akhmed Atayev, made a pass to the near corner of the goalkeeper's area, and Begmurad Bayov, who was there, opened the scoring with an aimed head blow to the far corner of the goal. And in the 68th minute, Selim Atayev brilliantly played on finishing, setting the final result in the match.

As a result, «Altyn Asyr» deservedly won and won the Super Cup of Turkmenistan. The winning team was led to this success by the honored coach of Turkmenistan Yazkuli Khodjageldyev, who won this trophy three times in his career with the team of the International Turkmen-Turkish University and now for the seventh year in a row with Altyn Asyr.

So, the team of the «Turkmenaragatnashyk» agency won the first of three national trophies this year. It now remains to add the gold medals of the national championship to the won Super Cup of Turkmenistan «Altyn Asyr» and win the Cup of the country.