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Important training seminars

The seminars organized according to the plan developed by the Ministry of Sports and Youth Policy and the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan are notable for their effectiveness. The teachers of physical education from the secondary schools of our country take part in the seminars aimed at meeting the demand of the younger generation for physical culture and sports, as well as at promoting new sports in the sports centres.

Representatives of the Velayat Departments of the Turkmenistan Youth Physical Education and Sports Organization, the Velayat Main Departments on Sports and Youth Policy, and the Velayat Council of the Magtymguly Youth Organization of Turkmenistan noted in their speeches at the joint seminars that achievements of the national sport depend on the development and improvement of physical education. The first seminar was held at the secondary school 45 in Ak Bugday Etrap, Ahal Velayat, while the second was organized at the secondary school 3 in Balkanabat, Balkan Velayat. The seminars in Mary Velayat (secondary school 25 in Mary) and in Dashoguz Velayat (secondary school 25 for foreign languages ​​in Dashoguz) were also very effective. In the near future, such seminars will be held in Lebap Velayat and Ashgabat.

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