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Turkmenistan-Kazakhstan sports cooperation

Symbolic team of Turkmen footballers who played in Kazakhstan

Relations between Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan, including in the sports sector, are steadily developing.

In different years, Turkmen sportsmen have performed successfully in Kazakhstan, and Kazakh specialists have established a good reputation in Turkmenistan. This illustrates the rich historical past in sporting relationships between the two countries.

On the eve of the official visit of the President of Kazakhstan to Turkmenistan, the sports observers the 7/ weekly e-supplement to Türkmenistan Sport International Magazine made up a symbolic team of the Turkmen football players who played in the Kazakhstan football championships in different years.

Among them are the footballers who played in this country for a number of years and who continue to play. This testifies to the successful development of cooperation between the two states in the sports sector that began decades ago.

The symbolic team of the Turkmen legionnaires who played in the Kazakhstan championships:

Goalkeeper: Vitaly Kafanov (Kairat, 1992-1993)

Defenders: Yuri Bordolimov (Kairat, 1999-2000), Gochguly Gochgulyev (Kairat, 2006), Jumadurdy Meredov (Irtysh, 2001), Didar Hajiev, (Akzhayik, 2013).

Midfielders: Arslanmyrat Amanov (Irtysh, 2014), Ruslan Mingazov (Kaspiy, present time), Artur Gevorkyan (Esil-Bogatyr *, 2005-2006).

Forwards: Rejepmyrat Agabaev (Atyrau, 2002-2005), Didargylych Urazov (Irtysh, 2004-2006), Vladimir Bayramov (Tobol 2009).

Head coach: Gurban Berdiev (Kairat, present time).

Note: Esil-Bogatyr is now called Kyzyl-Zhar.