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A videoconference

On August 26, 2021, a videoconference was held, at which a fruitful exchange of views on the current state and further development of cultural, humanitarian, sport and youth cooperation took place.

This meeting, attended by Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports of Morocco Othman Al-Firdous, Minister of Sport and Youth Policy of Turkmenistan G. Agamyradov and Minister of Culture of Turkmenistan A. Shamyradov, served an important bridge to establish multilateral relations between Turkmenistan and this African state.

Turkmenistan, abiding by good neighbourly relations with states of Africa, is building mutually beneficial relations and has concluded a number of bilateral agreements with the Kingdom of Morocco in such fields as trade, science, education and economy, among other important areas. All this contributes to strengthening friendly ties.

This videoconference will also serve to strengthen bilateral and mutually beneficial relations in culture, humanitarian, sport and youth matters between the two states.