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In the asset of the Turkmen masters of mixed martial arts - 8 gold medals of the World Cup

In the city of Belgorod-Dniester (Ukraine) from May 28 to June 6 of this year, a representative tournament for the World Cup in mixed martial arts was held. 

Competitions gathered 550 athletes from fifteen countries of the world. Turkmenistan was represented by three wrestlers, each of whom managed to perform more than adequately, winning a total of 10 medals, of which - 8 gold and 2 silver.

The master of sports, Shokhrat Orazgeldiev, who is an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, became the winner in the MMA "grappling" categories (distinguished by wrestling techniques using grabs), "elite" and "full". The result - three gold medals in the box of our athlete.

The teacher of secondary school No. 47 of the city of Ashgabat, master of sports Orazgeldi Orazgeldiev won two awards of the highest standard in the grappling and full categories, as well as a silver one in the light discipline.

The current coach of the Federation of Turkmenistan in the martial art "hanmudo" Shokhrat Allayev, who is a master of sports of international class, won four medals, and three times the highest dignity. He had no equal in the disciplines of "full", "light" and "forms" (nunchaku technique), and in the category of "grappling" our compatriot took second place.