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Mandzukic sets an example

A Croatian striker Mario Mandzukic picked up an injury and did not play for more than a month. He decided to donate his salary for this period to a charity. When we talk about professional sports, we think first about high financial contracts of athletes who have fabulous earnings and wallets full of money. However, their salaries and various bonuses they receive do not always satisfy their game. The average price is set for each goal scored by highly paid players who show modest results. However, all this in no way relates to the Milan striker Mario Mandzukic. He gained great popularity in 2018 during the World Cup in Russia, after reaching the final with his team and becoming vice-champion.

Mario Mandzukic, who started playing football in the small town of Slavonski Brod, has grown into a top football player. Today, he plays for one of the most famous football clubs in Europe.

The Croatian football player picked up an injury and did not play for more than a month. Mario decided to donate his March salary to a charity because he was out injured for the entire month. He explained his decision by not being of use to his club at that time. It aroused great and sincere respect for Mario.

Football extras, instead of counting the goals scored by Mandzukic in the Italian championships, found out that the Milan striker earns 1.8 million euros for the half-season contract. It means that he left 300,000 euros with Milan.

AC Milan President Paolo Scaroni spoke with great respect for Mandzukic’s professional and human qualities.

It should be noted that AC Milan sponsors and offers material assistance to young people in receiving education. A public charity Fondazione Milan plays an important role in helping young people choose the right path. Mandzukic’s decision to ask the club for his wages to be donated is a new manifestation of an important initiative for financial replenishment of Fondazione Milan.

Football experts praise Mario. For example, Massimo Allegri said, “If Juventus had 10 players like Mandzukic, I would lead the team to victory in the Champions League.”

In continuation, I would like to note that other football players performed such noble actions as well.

The famous Swedish football player Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who played for Manchester United, also forfeited his salary after he picked up an injury.

Football fans remember that a Turkish player of Bayer Leverkusen Hakan Calhanoglu was suspended for 4 months and missed the Bundesliga matches. He voluntarily gave up his wages for this period.

An interesting fact, all three of the above players play for Milan.

Bosnian Vedad Ibisevic, when moving from Hertha (Berlin) to Schalke, gave his salary to charitable causes. He considered his transition to the Bundesliga, to a higher-class club a great achievement, explaining that he would receive only bonuses.


Editor Office’s Note: before this article was released, it became known that Schalke were leaving the Bundesliga.