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Snowy Ashgabat

Snow fell in Ashgabat on the eve of the upcoming glorious date – the 25th anniversary of the status of neutrality of Turkmenistan.

 The Turkmen people have many proverbs and sayings about snow and the arrival of winter. For example, the following expression is widespread: “Ak zat alnyňa ýagşy”. In other words, the colour white is a harbinger of bright, joyful events in life. The Turkmen proverbs about winter say, “If there is no real winter, there will be no desired summer” and “A winter day has forty quirks, each of them has its own quirks”.

Winter in our country is some kind of bizarre natural phenomenon that children are looking forward to more than anything. For them, the arrival of winter means waiting for snow, walking with grandmother and grandfather in the yard, building snowmen and playing snowballs. On Thursday, December 10, getting ready for classes in the morning, schoolchildren, especially first formers, looked out the window and cried out with a joyful shout that the snowflakes were softly falling to the ground.

Much to the regret of children, Turkmen winter is mild and short-lived. The snow stopped by noon. Nevertheless, the short-lived snow gave adults and children the feeling of the New Year coming to our homes and Ayaz Baba hurrying to us with New Year’s gifts.