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Mejlis of Turkmenistan adopts the Law on Physical Culture and Sport and a number of other laws

22.08.2020.  The tenth video conference session of the Mejlis of the sixth convocation took place. Heads of some ministries and departments as well as mass media have been invited to participate in the session.

Coming over to review of the Draft Law on Physical Culture and Sport, the participants were highlighting that stimulation and development of wide-spread physical culture and health improving movement and sports of highest achievements are placed among priorities of the state policy of Turkmenistan.

Equipment and facility base of sport sphere is gradually improved, dozens of sport facilities like stadiums, hippodromes, physical culture and health improving complexes, which meet international standards, have been built in the capital and regions. The country regular holds relative activities including national sport contests, international competitions in various sports. Such good traditions as wide public cycling races, climbing along the Path of Health with participation of thousands of Turkmenistan citizens are set.

New law, which specifies the main principles, regulates public relations and sets legal, organizational, economic and social foundations of activity in the sphere of physical culture and sports in Turkmenistan, is aimed at formation of healthy life style of the citizens.

n addition, number of other subjects has been discussed. The drafts of legal acts, which have been brought up for discussion, have been unanimously approved and adopted.