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A healthy lifestyle - the replenishment of the traditions of upbringing and succession of generations 

17.05.2020. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, who accounced assertion of the principles of healthy life style and health protectionof people as a priority of social policy of the state, gives personal example to compatriots spendign his free time doign physical exercises and going in for various sports including cycling.

On the weekend’s morning, Turkmen leader traditionally has a cycling ride and visited his horses with his grandson Kerim.

The cycling is an active leisure, which makes positive effect of health of people and helps staying in good physical condition; it strengthens immune system of organism. In our country, it gains more and more followers, who appreciate the efficiency and ecological component of cycling.

The ride of the Head of the President had run by Ýanardag Monument, which was built in honour of the legendary horse, about which the President told to his grandson. This was also about other famous turkmen horses, which multiplied the glory of ahalteke breed.

Love of our people to their horses is expressed in modern art, which is indicated by beautiful sculptural compositions, which includes the one dedicated to Ýanardag. The horse is made as if it runs with high speed, which symbolizes dynamic development of turkmenistan.

All reforms, large-scale programmes and grandiose projects successfully implemented in Turkmenistan are based on the main value of our state and society – human being. Sport and healthy life style help to reveal his potential to everyone. The best conditions are made for this in the country. relative infrastructure is developed and mass cycling rides have become a good tradition; popularization work has also been expanded.

During the ride, the Head of the State asked his grandson about his study, sport and art interests. Kerim has shared his new knowledge with his grandfather, told about disciplines that he studies and about the subjects he is interested in. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that any study requires putting efforts and only then one is able to achieve good results.

The main thing is to set the target, to which it is necessary to move improving skills and abilities, properly. This is how the great goals are achieved, the President highlighted giving precious advices to his grandson. Wisdom of people has been always passed from generation to generation, from heart to heart, therefore, Turkmens have such strong succession traditions and it helped to preserve rich spiritual and cultural heritage.

Kerim, who is also goes in for various sports including horse racing, prefers the art. Same like his grandfather, he plays many musical instruments and composes music.

The grandson said that he had a thought to make music composition dedicated to Turkmen nature and its beauty, which inspires and ennobles people. The President of Turkmenistan noted that this is an excellent idea, having highlighted that the nature has always been inexhaustible source of artistic inspiration and thought for centuries.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov advised another theme for creative activity to the boy – writing music in honour of remarkable dates and other important events in the country. Turkmen leader noted that this music has to reflect the rhythms of development of the country. Continuing this thought, Turkmen leader gave number of advices to Kerim.

The Head of the State and his grandson Kerim came to Ahalteke Equestrian Complex of the President of Turkmenistan, where they saw ahalteke horses.

After, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has saddled Toyly and Kerim – Shapolat. During horse ride, the Head of the State explained in details to his grandson about breeding and training of Turkmen horses giving interesting examples from history.

Today, Turkmen horse breeders carry out productive activity continuing glorious chronicle of ahalteke horses, which has been developed by our ancestors throughout the centuries, about people who put enormous work, outstanding talent and unlimited love to its development. This masterpiece of national selection is passed from generation to generation as a unique gift.

At present time, targeted work for comprehensive popularization of ahalteke horses, the pride of Turkmen nation, is expanded in the country. It is worth to mention that modern equestrian complexes, which have been built in all velayats of the country, support improvement of horse breeding sphere and development of equestrian sport, formation of young specialists in this field.

As is known, the grandson of the Head of the State demonstrated high results in the first competition among teenager jockeys and won it. Kerim has special passion in horses and mastered the secrets of coaching of horses. It symbolizes the succession o the best traditions of horse breeding and their development on modern level.

This is indicated by the victory of the Head of the State at the competition between master jockeys on Miras, which was trained for the competitions by his grandson.

This is another proof of special attention paid in the country to development of various equestrian sports. Thus, improvement of the world glory of Turkmen horses due to the efforts of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, work carried out for increment of livestock of thoroughbred ahalteke horses and enter of national equestrian sport to the world level give positive results.

Important place is given to horse races at events and holidays widely celebrated in the country. At present time, various equestrian sports and national equestrian games are actively developed. Recognition of skills of Turkmen horse riders from Galkynysh National Equestrian Game Group is a bright evidence of huge success in this direction.

The President also told legends to his grandson about the world famous ahalteke horses. Praised by the nation throughout the centuries, ahalteke horses are unique samples of national and world culture.

At the racing track, Keri let the horse to have free run. Watching the boy controlling, the Head of the State appreciated the stamina and efforts of his grandson. It means that big respect of Turkmen horse and traditions, which are passed from generation to generation, are continued in our days.

The President told to his grandson about hints in riding horses. Having noted that horses have played big role in destiny of our people, which thinks it as its close friends, the Head of the State highlighted that these are the principles that provided consolidation of the best characteristics in ahalteke horses.

At present, noble traditions of national horse breeding are deservingly continued. It shows that effective methods passed from generation to generation are improved on modern level.