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Floating field in Singapore

Located in Singapore, the Float at Marina Bay is perhaps one of the most unusual football fields.

The construction of the floating platform began in 2006. A stadium was built on it a year later. It was built to temporarily replace the main arena of Singapore that hosted parades and other public events.

The steel platform on the waters is only 15 metres wider than the football field, but it is incredibly strong. It is capable of bearing up to 9,000 people and 200 tons of stage props.

The only spectator stand accommodates 30,000 people, while being designed so as the stadium can be seen from the windows of the nearest hotels.

This unusual structure has only one minus: it has never hosted football matches. The only football match in the history of the the Float at Marina Bay was played between Tuan Gemuk Athletic and VNNTU FC.

Once the football bosses of Singapore tried to organize the Singapore Cup finals on the floating platform, but the idea was rejected because of lighting problems.

The stadium in Marina Bay stands idle most of the time, and is used occasionally for recreational activities.

The only thing that links the stadium with sports is Formula One. Since 2008, a section of the racetrack runs between the spectator stand and the floating platform, and spectators occupy almost 30,000 seats.