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Vahit Orazsahedov is the first Turkmen legionnaire in Istiklol FC

The press service of Istiklol FC Dushanbe decided to write about the foreign players in this football club before the Tajikistan football championships had started.

At the beginning of the season, the first Turkmen legionnaire joined Istiklol FC; the forward from the Turkmenistan national team Vahit Orazsahedov signed a contract with this football club.

Most of the legionnaires who played for Istiklol FC are from Russia – 7 players. Ukraine goes second – 6 players.  5 players from Uzbekistan played for Istiklol FC in different years. This season, 4 players are to play for the football club in Dushanbe: Aleksey Larin (Ukraine), Marko Milic (Serbia), Viktor Svezhov (Russia) and Vahit Orazsahedov (Turkmenistan).