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Turkmen schoolkids will play tennis

The Tennis Federation of Turkmenistan, as part of a joint project with the Ministry of Sport and Youth Policy and the Ministry of Education, conducted training courses for physical education teachers in Ashgabat secondary schools. The project aims to popularize tennis in the country and attract the younger generation to the «royal» sport.

After the successful completion of classes, 13 teachers received appropriate certificates, allowing them to teach children tennis skills. The Federation also provided tennis equipment – rackets and balls.

Among the participants there are former sportsmen – athletes, football players, who to this day have not left physical education.

– I myself am a former football player, but tennis will be of great use. I will be happy to teach children all the skills that I have mastered,» said Vatan Ovezov, a physical education teacher at school No. 20.

The next stage is the school tennis league among students. It will identify the most capable kids who will be able to join the ranks of professionals in the future.

«We want schoolchildren to play tennis along with football and basketball.» Special hours will be introduced for this,» said Igor Zubkov, a representative of the Tennis Federation of Turkmenistan, which will continue to conduct training courses for physical education teachers.